“A creative force and storyteller by nature.”

—  Bong Mines Entertainment

Genius - Cait
Genius - Cait

Genius - Cait

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Creative Director

Welcome to the world of Cait. A modern take on the classic singer/songwriter, Cait offers a hypnotic sensory escape to her listeners, somehow leaving them warmer, lighter, and painted with a subtle golden hue. Colorful guitars, genuine lyrics, warmly textured piano and unforgettable melodies combine to create a heartfelt and invigorating sound that Billboard describes as “raw emotion and an angelic vocal performance.” Drawing on her experience as an in-demand visual artist and photographer, Cait pairs her brand of honest pop with dreamy atmospheres full of stunning imagery that is distinctly her own.


A native of Madison, Wisconsin turned Los Angeles lover, Cait is an artist in multiple realms. Since graduating with a full scholarship from Berklee College of Music, Cait has worked behind the scenes as a writer for a range of artists from indie to major label. A creative force and a storyteller by nature, Cait not only writes & independently releases her own music, but is the sole visual creator for her music career: designing her own single artwork, producing her own photoshoots, filming, directing and editing her own music videos and online visual content. Having spent years as a videographer creating compelling video marketing for global brands such as Pronovias, LashboxLA, Animoto, and creative entrepreneurs such as Lala Kent, Sue Bryce, Lara Jade, Elizabeth Keene and more, Cait’s eye for the visual has translated into her music career: creating an immersive brand for her art that is unmistakable.


Having developed a significant social media following for her art and with the goal of "connecting through creativity", Cait also provides tools for other creatives & entrepreneurs with products like her Social Motion Packs, her YouTube channel where she shows behind-the-scenes of her creative process, and the community dubbed Club Cait where her followers can share ideas, encouragement and get exclusive access to everything Cait.